AutoMob-Wiki was created to help the automobile community who have suffering problems and issues with their automobiles. So in AutoMob-Wiki, I mainly focus on writing about fixing the most common and also uncommon issues in your loving vehicle.

I keep surfing on the most popular and non-popular automobile forums to find out what are the issues that keep the vehicle owners suffering and do my best to find and publish a detailed review about the issue. I will teach you how to fix those problems as soon as possible.

I have good experience in repairing the automobiles in my garage for over ten years. So you will be delighted to learn with me. And also have to say that I do not promote any product, vehicle, or spare part on my website. All of the ideas I’ve published and published in the future are my own opinions and knowledge I got from my years of experience.

The objective of AutoMobWiki is not to substitute professional automotive repair, troubleshooting, or diagnostic. Always seek the counsel of an automotive specialist if you have a query about the functioning and safety of your car.

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